Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Me = 0 - Door Frame = 1...

Hello faithful readers.

Firstly, I will beat that door frame eventually! *shakes fist*

Only a small casualty on my part, little knuckle cut. I bet it has some serious psychological damage... so... yeah...

(The reasons for door frame punching are long and with a slight whiff of self pity [well, to me at least. Gah.] and not for boring you loverly people with. Suffice it to say, not my best day.)

Anyway, for those of you looking at my tweets and thinking "Why, David, how ever did you manage to reference BSG and Doc Who in your English exam?", that is a good question. Even if you're not, I'll answer, 'cause I'm nice like that.

We had a short story [not seen before] to analyse, and it was about a dead guy going through a day or something weird like that, and it was vaguely cyclical. And so, in all my Geeky glory, I directly quoted BSG [without quote marks of course ha] with "all of this has happened before, and will happen again". Who knew I'd ever fit that in, eh? ha

Doc Who is less reference, unless you're me, really. I started thinking about "The Girl In The Fireplace" [who knows why, really] and found myself writing about taking the slow path [like Madame De Pompadour does]. Heh.

Anyhoodle, for a 3 hour exam, wasn't that bad. People to see, there, which I always enjoy.

(That, again, is not to be boring you on here ha)

Driving lesson in a bit. Not sure how bothered I can be, really. But, there we go.

Oh, that group writing contest episode is finished. I admittedly didn't contribute an awful lot, mostly some story points, I gave them the episode title, and I edited the teaser to make it better [despite NOT wanting that Car Crash in the first episode, just saying], but, I'll link you all, since, again, I'm nice like that. I'm hoping to write more for Episode 2, which I'll also post.


And, thus, faithful reader, I bid thee, adieu.


  1. Race said...

    Beat the door frame! Beat it!

    I'm off to follow link..