Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

Felicia Day is Win.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The future's rappin' at my door...

Hello faithful readers!

It seems I neglect this blog a tad... But much of what I have to say can be accurately surmised in 140 characters or less, so therefore much of it goes to twitter. I can also twitter from my iPhone, and don't need to sit down at a computer and type something, which unless it's entirely procrastinatory I get ever so slightly twitchy... Less so with this blog than other writing endeavors, but still.

Anyhoodle, what have I been up to since my last blog post, I hear you ask? Well aren't you in luck, that's almost exactly what this blog is about! What a crazy random happenstance.

(Dr. Horrible FTW!)

What to start with? I suppose the fact that today was results day would be an ideal place to start, considering it is actually one of the reasons behind thinking I should do a new one of these.

Yes, today I got my results from my 6th year exams. Exciting, no? No. Since I'm in Uni, it was far less of a deal than the last two years, and even then I was cool as a cucumber -- Which I suppose are cool, given the reputation they've earned over the years. It's just my nature.

Moving on, I managed to get a B in Advanced Higher English, which made me happy because I did the Creative Writing Folio with a script (what I want to do in life) and the diary thing I posted a while back, which I just enjoyed writing. I also did my Dissertation on film, which is what I'll be doing at uni, so all in all the B made me smile.

I got a B in music, too! Which also made me happy, because I had the previously mentioned on this blog teacher who was my favourite and bought me a pint at prom. And I just kind of didn't wanna let her down, 'cause she kept saying how she wanted me to do well 'cause she felt I deserved it. I think she might appeal because she had me down as an A, but I'm just glad I did well.

I got an A in Modern Studies (politics and stuff for any yanks), which surprised me 'cause I did like no work in the class. Or at home. Or studying. Or any Mods in the month before the exam because our teacher was off the last week before exams and we didn't go in, then, again, no studying. I guess I can just rant well about politics sometimes.

All in all, good year results wise.

So, the last month I've been at this Summer Uni thing, which has been good... Except having to drag myself there. Being there has been alright, but the having to go has been kind of a drag. But, I dropped Psychology. Not enough Derren Brown learning why people do what they do stuff, too much statistics. I dropped it after a 2 1/2 hour lecture on stats, my mind died. No more.

I got a B in my Philosophy essay, though. My first Uni essay (and my first Philosophy essay) and I got a B. So good start. Find out about my Film & TV essay tomorrow, so watch the twitter thingy over there ( >> ) and I'm sure I'll tweet my result.

I had my Driving test all booked for yesterday, then they went and cancelled last minute! Moved it to the 17th! Gonna keep trying to get a closer date, though. It really pissed me off, though. I just want to drive already!!

I think that's about everything in my life right now. Or, at least, the stuff I care to blog about. There's other, slightly confusing even to me stuff, and other long story whiney stuff, but this isn't the place. We oughta keep this place light! And happy! And often sarcastic and bitter, but in a jovial lighthearted kind of way.

My Pink Floyd poster just fell down... Totally didn't scare me.

Anyhoo... Erm...

American Psycho... In My Pants.
Spinal Tap... In My Pants

Quick round of "... In My Pants" to lighten the mood.

Go forth, and spread the love faithful readers. Namaste.