Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Last Of The English Roses

Hello, Faithful reader. It's been a while. Miss me? 

What's that? No... Oh... Well, I'm back anyway.

Twitter as official became part of my e-life. And kept entirely separate from my actual life. It's a strange phenomenon, but there we go.

So, onto slightly more interesting subjects. I'm involved in an Original Series Writing contest now, and, while fun, it's awfully frustrating. We've came up with a pretty good premise, yet, no one agrees about the direction I think the pilot should take [as right now, it doesn't work.] It gets maddening at times. But, group project and all that.

On the other side of the dramatic coin, I'm now officially cast in the School Show. We're doing Little Shop Of Horrors, and I'm playing Mr. Mushnik [2 nights] and the Dentist [2 nights]. Audition for Dentist was SO fun. Can't wait for that.

What else? Oh, my father recently swapped his old car for one me and brothers can get insured on. So when I pass my driving test, I'll be cruising in a Nissan Note. Nice car. Need to drive it and get used to it, though.

Dollhouse! Dollhouse! Doll-freakin'-house! Yeah. 2 episodes in, and I enjoy. Can't wait to see where Whedon takes this. Next weeks Ep is Written by Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen, so that should be a goody.

I think I've ran out of interesting things to say right now. So I'll leave you with the song this post gets its name from.

That's all, folks.

Until the next time, Faithful Reader, Namaste.


  1. Race said...

    David is back! :) All the projects sound interesting, though I can understand the group project problem. It does sound frustrating.

    Never saw Dollhouse. It is on so late. (I think that's the problem. :D )

  2. David said...

    I am =] And hopefully less sporadically than the last couple posts.

    It's good. I've been downloading it, if you wanna join my hip gang of dollhouse downloaders... so far its just me... *sighs* ha

  3. Race said...

    Just wanted to let you know, I'm alive still! :D

    Just finished up my semester with two major papers. Eek!