Friday, 1 May 2009

The Long And Winding Road...

Hello, faithful reader.

It's been a while, yes? Well over a month, almost two. I apologise for that, I do. I don't know what happened.

So, what -- I hear you ask -- has been going on? Well... Surprisingly little. I've either had little to say, or simply been to busy to say anything. Last few days I have honestly had this blog making page open most of the time I spent on the computer. Other things just took over, both things I had to do and strange and sudden moods that were less than good.

(I won't bore you with the details, 'cause I'm half convinced I'm just crazy.)

Though, I do have a few tales to tell, I suppose.

The first involves neds and immeasurable and ridiculous racism.

(Granted, all racism is ridiculous, but, this takes the cake. Really)

(Also, speaking of cake: The phrase "Have your cake and eat it too"... Eh? What's the point in having the cake if not to eat it? I mean, really...)


My friends and I, over our easter break, took a trip to the... *ahem*... lovely town of Ayr. While there, we had an encounter, lets call it, with the local neds. Now, we did nothing whatsoever, I presume they just got angered by the townies in their presence. Who knows. The strangeness comes in what they shouted at us.

Now, I must preface this with saying that my friends and I are incredibly white. I mean, unbelievably. You know, burn at the hint of sun white.

So why these [or this, it was mainly one of them] shouted [such things as] "Black bastards!" at us... Well, not one of us has yet to figure it out, really. It's just racism for racisms sake, really. There's no way he could actually have seen any black people anywhere near us... So who the fuck knows.

This trip, incidentally, decided my university for me. Realising Ayr is a catastrophically boring place, even with my bestest of buddies [and Tommy... long story], and living there to go to UWS seems like a very dull prospect. So Glasgow it is, and i'm kind of leaning towards the joint degree -- the previous outsider.

I have till Star Wars day [Monday. May the forth (be with you). Get it?] to officially accept, though.

The school show [Little Shop Of Horrors] is going well, and currently one of the few things about the school I like anymore.

Good thing I only have like 5 days of actually being in the school as a pupil left, right? I can't wait to get out of that place. Honestly. I'll miss some of the people, and the Music and Drama departments, but other than that...

I mean, the people in charge of the school don't seem to give a shit about the pupils in that place. Most of the ordinary teachers do, but the ones at the top don't give a shit.

This has been slightly rantier than I had anticipated, but there we go. I could rant about various other things, to be honest, but there's a lot of backstory and qualifying that must be done for those, and that's a bit much for what I really intend to be a far more light hearted little blog.

And, to end on a light hearted note, I think we should campaign to have the Queen dethroned and replace her with Stephen Fry. Kind Stephen Fry of Great Britain, has a real ring to it, right?

Anyhoodle, that's all for now.

Ta ta for now, faithful reader.

(PS. Race, probably a good call with the mermaid award, to be honest. Though I do appreciate the mention. =])

(PPS. I hope your feeling better from your period of illness)

(PPPS. And now, it's actually fairwell, faithful readers.)