Friday, 13 March 2009

A Quick Peep

Hello, faithful readers.

It's late, but, it seems like I write late often, so why not, eh?

Before we begin, new banner. Check it.

(Disclaimer: Totally NOT made by me. I got it from deviantART.)

Twitter, it seems, has became a part of my life... Hows about that, eh? (Second use already, weird.) It's an enjoyable and strange beast. I managed to get Russell Brand to say something in an interview after he requested ideas from twitter. That, my friends, is the true glory of twitter. And I do recommend it, if you're frequently bored and/or often feel the need to express an opinion and no one you know will care. For real.

(I'm looking at you, Race. Embrace the Twitter ;). Honest, it only hurts for a moment.)

Anyhoodle, enough of that.

I bought both a Superman AND A Batman t-shirt yesterday. Awesome. Truly.

Little Shop Of Horrors started acting today. Much fun. Playing a sadistic dentist is a hoot. As is playing a failed jewish florist, but just not as much. Though, I'm thinking this is officially my excuse to buy a trilby, as it's actually part of my costume. So, that's that.

One last thing (I'm avoiding anything too wallowy, because it's a very long, long story, which I'm considering immortalizing in film. Maybe. Probably not.), if you happen to have read the last script I posted -- which I wrote very little of, so don't blame me for any typing or grammar mistakes (:-P) -- did you enjoy? If so, we're starting episode 2 soon (Entitled "Tired Of England", my choice again), and I'm hoping I'll actually be taking lead on this due to various circumstances, and shall post here just for you!

See how nice I am?

Anyway. Must dash. May write something other than this tonight, who knows.

Fare-thee-well, faithful readers.


  1. Race said...

    NO! NO! I refuse Twitter! I refuse Twitter!

    I repeat! I repeat! No Twitter! No Twitter!


    I hate moving forward. :D

  2. David said...

    Bah! it was worth a try ;)

    here endeth my trying to get you on Twitter. Scouts Honour. :-P

  3. Race said...

    :D Maybe, someday.

    I'll make you a promise. When I get my next phone I will TRY Twitter.


    BTW. Just wanted to come by and add... I like the new banner A LOT.

  4. David said...

    Woo! I know I'd get you eventually ;) All it took was me saying I'll stop trying :P

    Out of interest, do you have eyes on any particular phone as your next?

    :D Me too. The larger image that's a section off is currently my wallpaper on my desktop :D

  5. Race said...

    Phones? I have no idea. :D My brother got me the current one for Christmas and I imagine that's when I'll get another one (under a year... less than a year until I'll be sucked into Twitter). This time I'm picking my own but I imagine there will be something new and fantastic on the market then that we have no clue about yet.