Monday, 19 January 2009

Obamaicon Me

Awesome. Simply Awesome.

Make your own:-

Please note, above image not created by me. I just found it on the site, and found it awesome.


  1. Race said...

    New one tonight.
    One hour.

  2. TheRealF'nShow said...

    I know! Though, I have to wait till tomorrow to download. The curse of living in Scotland ;)
    Though, better than waiting till it airs on TV in like 5 months ha

  3. Race said...

    Oh, man, that's miserable. I feel miserable for you.
    Of course, you've downloaded it by now, but still I feel for you.

  4. nickolas said...

    Ha! When I saw Greg House, I laughed so hard, I actually spewed my beer. I know, it's sad: a spit take with no one watching. It's the caption that makes that one work.

    Oh, yeah. Interesting look to your blog. I applaud it.