Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Stay Hip...

While I've been posting Tommy Reilly Videos, another Unsigned Act band deserves some attention, too. The other possible winner, imo, and undoubtable in another class [Along with ol' Tom] than the rest of the acts in the competition.

I think either will make it big, regardless of which of them wins [and it will surely be one of them.

Stay Hip [as Hip Parade would say], Faithful Readers [of unknown corporeality].


  1. Race said...

    On your Twitter updates:

    How'd the essay go?

  2. Race said...

    Waiting. I hate waiting on essays. Thankfully, my one professor who requests a lot of essays gets back to me about them pretty quickly.
    But pretty quickly is not always quickly enough.

    Also, I'll probably be back here enough for us to, from now on, reply to things on our own comment sections. If I don't come by you can assume I have left earth.

  3. TheRealF'nShow said...

    It's the pits, for sure...

    Ah, well that's nice =] ha

    I also just noticed, when posting a comment to can get emails about follow-up comments by ticking a box... Which is a handy thing to find out!