Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ta-wit, ta-woo.

Welcome, Faithful [and now possibly doubled in size] Readers.

Twitter. Strange thing, isn't it? Immensely addictive, especially following such intellectual giants as Stephen Fry, yet, a strange phenomenon. My iPhone got me hooked, all those apps, I just had to see.

But, I digress. One of the main points, basically, is this: What do YOU think about twitter? Do you twit? Or tweet, as it were? Or are you one of the [presumably many] who just don't really get it? Opinions would be nice, to see the varying views on this strange 140 character limit "micro-blogging"... thing...

Now, speaking of digressing, I need to write. Like, write write. I have a creative writing folio [Script and Prose] and a dissertation to do. Blast. Who new Advanced Higher English would be so much work, it sounds so much like a breeze...

And, on a closing, unrelated tidbit about my day, I spent much of lunch time playing the classic "...In My Pants" game. For those unfamiliar, it involves taking a movie title, and putting "... In my pants" after it.

Par example:
 -- Trainspotting... in my pants
 -- Batman Begins... in my pants
 -- Deep Impact... in my pants
 -- The Two Towers... in my pants

Just to name a few we got. Yeah. That's what we do at lunch times when bored, that and the occasional innuendo binge. True story.

Alas, I have nothing more to write... Ah Well.

Fare thee well, faithful readers. [The "Faithful Readers", btw, is in reference to Russel T. Davies on the Doctor Who Audio Commentaries. Yup. I'm that much of a nerd. And proud.]


  1. Race said...

    Well, I'll admit it. I never 'got' twitter. It is amazing that I can even turn my laptop on, actually.

    The greatest day of my life was when I learned to play tetris on my cell phone (learning how to make a call is next :D )Now, of course, that is all I do and I never get any school done.

    This will probably be a problem one day. :D

  2. David said...

    Who needs school, really? ;)

    Tetris on a phone is one of the greatest [and most procrastination breeding] things ever. And great for times of boredom or inability to sleep.

  3. Race said...

    I am suffering from tetris withdrawal... or maybe just a headache from eating too many chocolate covered peanuts.

    As soon as I'm done with this economics assignment I'm going to watch food network and play.

    Good times.