Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Welcome, Faithful Readers, to the NEW blog of mine.

Complete facelift, since I recently discovered a world of templates beyond those in the template chooser. I looked around, this is easiest to install and use, and still pertty, too.

I think I transported everything over. Except the Random Fact. But, you know. 

I think It looks better, tbh. Let me know what you think, if you feel the need.

For anyone who happens to be interested, still no word from UWS. And all roads [aka advice] lead to Glasgow. And not leaving home until physically booted out. Bleh. I've yet to decide. Glasgow Applicants day on 31st March, though. Gonna check that out, see if the course is what I think it is in terms of practical:theory ratio.

In the meantime, when/if I have something meaningful/amusing/interesting to say, It'll be here.

Onwards to the School Show auditions [yet to be blogged about].

Fare-thee-well, Faithful Reader.


  1. Race said...

    I like this!
    Where did you find these...
    (I really feel Creare's skin is boring. I admit to it. It is boring).

  2. David said...

    Why thank you =]
    I used my trusty companion - Google.
    I searched "Blogger Themes" and Blogger web 2.0 themes". Can't remember which turned this particular one up, though.
    I downloaded a few others that weren't quite for me...
    That ones pretty... and cool... ha
    A simpler one that i actually was going to use before I found this ;)

    But yeah. If you wanna find them, Google is always your friend. There's quite a lot.

  3. Race said...

    I'll definitely take a look. I need to get creative, when I have the time. :D

  4. Race said...

    Well, I got a new one... hope it is working for everyone.